How do I hide photos on my Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 plus and Galaxy S22 ultra?

There is hardly any adult in the middle and upper middle-class group who does not own a smartphone. The internet explosion has ensured that everyone wishes to purchase a smart phone as soon as possible. The smartphone manufacturers have been meeting the demand at a reasonable price as well. However, there is a difference in the features that the youth look for in a smart phone. Adults prefer the ease of use while youngsters prefer advanced technological features. This will help them use the phones to click high-quality pictures, store important data, etc.

 Samsung Galaxy S22 model

Samsung is a Korean electronics company that produces quality smartphones. They are known to produce the galaxy series phones. The company invests heavily in creative ideas and innovation. That is why they can come up with new models that meet the consumers’ expectations. The galaxy S22 model is the latest from their galaxy series, and it is for sure loaded with features that you will love. Also, the S22 model comes with an innovative S pen feature. The s pen fits cleanly with the phone despite the slim design. You can expect superior speed and performance due to its 4NM processor. The cameras of this model have been upgraded with a focus on improving the low-light performance of the same. The AI and sensor capabilities have been upgraded to get images of high quality in all environments.

 Storing photos in Samsung Galaxy S22

Having discussed the special features of the Samsung Galaxy S22, you would have been impressed with camera upgrades that will help you click photos in all environments. The images will be of high quality too. Clicking photos and selfies are indeed a favourite hobby for most youngsters nowadays. You will want to store it in a safe place. You would love to have a backup of images as well But, to ensure that the photos you click are not used inappropriately in case your phone is lost or stolen, you have got to protect them. You can do this by hiding the photos and videos on the phone. This will ensure that no one peeks into your photos when you lend them your phone for some reason. Let us consider how to go about it.

Steps to hide photos and videos in Samsung S22

There are two ways to hide photos and videos in Samsung Galaxy S22. You will be able to do this without downloading a third-party app for the same. This means the internal memory of your phone will not be affected.

Process1 hide your folder.

It is a simple process that is easy to carry out even with minimum technological knowledge. But for this, you should organize all the photos and videos you want in a folder. You will have to hide this folder from your photo viewing app. You will then be able to access the photos or videos only by going to the folder directly. The steps involved in the process include. check how to create a secure folder on Samsung galaxy S22

  • Launch the >My Files” page
  • Then create a folder.
  • Move the photos and videos you want to save in your Samsung Galaxy S22. Ensure you have collected all photos and videos that you want to hide.
  • Now, change the name of the folder. However, enter a “before the name you choose to keep. Example “Pictures”. This is an important step in ensuring that the folder is inaccessible in the viewer application.

That’s it! You have successfully hidden the photos and videos that you wish to hide in your Samsung S22 Phone. Go to the file management application “show hidden files page”. To read this file, you have to activate the option in the settings.

 Process 2 Making photos and videos invisible on the Samsung Galaxy S22

This refers to a slightly complex. Here, you would be inserting a file. This would ensure the file directory becomes invisible. However, if you plan to use this process to hide photos and videos in Samsung Galaxy S22, you can do it by following the simple steps.

  • Open the manager application on your smartphone. In this case, Samsung Galaxy S22.
  • Create a folder. You will hide the photos and videos you want to here.
  • Transfer the content in question. Create a new file and name it >>nomedia”. The dot must be in front of the file name. Only then the hide feature can be activated.

You would have successfully hidden the file from the Samsung Galaxy S22 Directory. Now, you cannot do it from the gallery to access it. You have to go directly to the hidden folder to view the photos.

The above-mentioned ways to hide photos in Samsung Galaxy S22 without an app. However, if you wish to use an app to hide the photos, you may use the trustworthy and effective Vault and Vault Gallery apps. You Love to check Samsung galaxy S22 user manual and Samsung Galaxy S23 user manual.

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