How to Disable SMS Delivery Reports on Galaxy S22 Series

Life has become easier after the internet explosion. It is because we have the option to be connected wherever we are. Good communication is helpful for personal growth and the growth of the nation at large. The widespread use of the internet and the scope to extend your business to a larger target audience has indeed helped businesses grow rapidly across the globe. But, we have been able to make full use of the internet because of the gadgets that support the system. Apart from computers, laptops, tab, etc., one such gadget is the smartphone. They are easy to carry and small in size. But, three is hardly anything related to passing or getting information that you cannot do with a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the latest smartphone in the Galaxy series of Samsung. You might know that Samsung is reputed for manufacturing quality smartphones at reasonable prices. We say reasonable price, as it is usually loaded with features. It will enhance ease and convenience. In this light, one must mention that they were able to come up with the S21 model at a lower price. This is despite loading it with more features than in S2O. You may consider S21 a perfect phone. But, there is still scope for upgrades. That is what the Korean electronics giant Samsung has done in S22. Let us consider them.

Samsung Galaxy S22- What’s special?

Samsung Galaxy S22 is the latest phone from Samsung. It is smaller in size when compared to its predecessors. It features a 4NM-powered processor. This accounts for the performance speed. Also, you will love the graphics effect. It is because Samsung has collaborated with AMD graphics. The AMD- Specific hardware is likely to enhance your gaming experience. Additionally, the upgrades in the camera will enhance the quality of the pictures. Last but not least, it comes with a larger storage capacity which is essential to be active on social media.

About the delivery reports on your phone

If you thought that hardly anyone uses the text message option on the smartphone, you are mistaken. You might have thought so because Whatsapp is popular. Studies indicate that millions of smartphone users still use text messages. They use text messages for different purposes. It is established that there are about 23 billion text messages a day. Also, many prefer to get SMS delivery reports on their phone.

SMS delivery report- what is it?

The SMS delivery report is a written message from the short message service center or SMCS. It will mention if your message has been sent. But you should understand that an SMS report does not indicate the current status of the message. It only indicates the current status of the message you have sent. In other words, it confirms that the message has been sent from your device. But, it will not confirm that the recipient has received it. This clearly shows the scope of the delivery report. This is indeed an effective method to check if you have sent the message or not.

Why disable the Delivery Report?

As mentioned earlier SMS delivery report will let you know if a message has been sent. But, not all users of text messages will want to know about it especially because it does not indicate if the recipient has received the message. For some people, the delivery report might seem to be useless. They might consider the reports to be noisy and unimportant. Also, if you will send a lot of SMS in a day, the reports can be overflowing. To have them on the notifications bar is annoying as well. This is why you may want to disable the delivery report. The steps can be used to enable the same if you would like to have the reports in the future. Let us consider how you can do it in the Samsung Galaxy S22 phone. Here is the detail user guide of Samsung galaxy S22

Steps to disable SMS delivery reports on Galaxy S22

SMS delivery feature is a standard in almost all Android Phones. Samsung Galaxy S22 is no exception. However, the feature that informs users about the text messages may seem useful for some. It might be not very pleasant for some users. But, there is no need to worry. It is possible to disable or enable the delivery reports on your Samsung Galaxy S22. You can do it following the simple steps. It includes

● Swiping the home screen up or down.
● Then select the Message app.

● Now, tap on the menu icon.
● Select the Setting option
● Tap on the SIM in which you receive the SMS delivery report. However, Tap on SIM if you’d like to receive SMS delivery reports if you want to enable the delivery report.

● Now, navigate to the Get SMS delivery reports menu.
● Here, you can disable or enable the service based on your preference.
The feature can be enabled or disabled using these simple steps.

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