How to Fix Voicemail Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S22

The way we communicate has changed. Previously, the mode of communication was limited. However, with the internet explosion, we are able to communicate quickly and easily. Networking ensures that you are within reach wherever you are. That is why the telephone, which was previously used only for communication, is now being used for sharing information, photos, and videos. This is possible because of the introduction of smartphones in the market. Additionally, you have strong networks that make the operation smooth and easy. The Voice mail facility is one of the special features of smartphones that helps you pass information to people by speaking over the microphone on the phone.

 About Samsung Galaxy S22

 The Galaxy range of phones from Samsung is quite popular. But, Samsung is a company that invests heavily in research and innovation. That is why they keep coming up with phones with additional features that enhance the performance and functions of the smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S22 is the latest model from the Samsung Galaxy range. The interesting features of the smartphone include the split-screen facility, voice mail, etc.

 Setting up voice mail facility on Samsung Galaxy S22

 Though Samsung Galaxy S22 comes with a voicemail feature, you will only be able to use it when you activate it. It involves a step-by-step process. If you were to break up the activation process, it would involve aspects like

  • Setting up the voicemail number
  • Setting up the password
  • Setting up the greeting.

Then your Samsung S22 phone will be ready to use voicemail. However, despite following the above-mentioned process, there might be cases when you cannot use the voice mail feature after the setup process. Let us consider how to fix the Samsung S22 voice mail not functioning issue.

Fixing voicemail issue in Samsung S22

When you are a person who uses voicemail regularly, even a minor problem prevents the functioning of the voicemail. It can be quite frustrating. But, it is not something that you cannot try and fix by yourself. Let us consider the simple steps you can try to get the system into order.

Steps to fix when voicemail doesn’t work on your Samsung Galaxy S22

When the voice mail feature is not working despite setting up, there are a few simple things that you can do without getting perturbed to solve Samsung Galaxy S22 voicemail problems. It is indeed a general procedure that you can use on many other devices also. The simple step is to restart or reboot the phone. This step will fix numerous problems with your device. So, it is better to try this first thing when facing issues with voice mail. However, this cannot be considered a foolproof method or one that will tackle all the problems. There is all the chance for the problem to persist.

So, if restarting or rebooting does not work out, you can go in for the next process. Another Process you can do is fix the voicemail feature not working on Samsung Galaxy S22. The step is to check the voicemail settings. Nevertheless, the process is quite easy. It includes

  • Running or launching the Phone app on the device.
  • Opening the Settings menu. For this, tap on the three-dot icon. You will find it on the top of the screen.
  • Choose the Voicemail section.
  • Look out for your Voicemail number.

  • Move on to the General tab. Then, navigate to the notifications section
  • Now ensure that you have the allow or activate the function of the app in the on mode
  • Before you move on, also check if the voicemail app requires an update.

The above-mentioned are some of the basic steps to fixing voice mail issues. They are indeed easy to do. Try this when voicemail is not working on your Samsung Galaxy S22. You can try the basic steps at least to fix the issues with the voice mail in Galaxy S22.

Steps to solve the issue- other methods

However, the above-mentioned methods might not be effective. The problem would sometimes persist. In such a case, ensure that the app is working properly. You can check this through the phone app on your device. Now, for the process.

  • Go to the dial option
  • Press and hold.1. This would help you call the voicemail number.

  • You will be immediately connected to the voicemail service.
  • This means that the voicemail is active and working correctly.

However, sometimes the problem can be related to the device’s cellular service. In such a situation, you might have to toggle with airplane mode. Locate the button to activate and deactivate the airplane mode in the settings tab. Switch on airplane mode. Wait for 30 seconds and then turn off airplane mode.

One last step you can try is to deactivate the call forwarding option. For this,

  • Open the phone app and click on the settings icon.
  • Choose the call forwarding option in the calls tab. Now open the section and set it off.

This might take care of most of the issues and ensure that your voice mail is working. you love to check Samsung galaxy user guide for more such tips and fixes.

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