How to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy S22 phone?

The changing technology is providing many new surprises for mobile users. The features available on the Samsung Galaxy S22 model phone are designed so that the user of the mobile can easily customize them. One such feature is the screen recording facility. The screen recording facility helps the user take any video played on the phone’s screen and can be shared with social media contacts or friend circles. From the moment, the android phones were launched in the market, people started their usage and now all the people are addicted to it. The features like clicking photos or taking videos have made the usage even more regular. The sharing of photos/images and videos has become quite common. Normally all the screen recordings are stored in the respective phone’s gallery. The video can be sent directly to the required group or after further editing. Hence, third-party apps have no requirement to take the desired video. The awareness of this screen recording feature is still not known by everyone. The below-mentioned steps help in recording the video displayed on the phone screen.

  1. Switch on the phone by keeping the power mode on.
  2. Once the main screen appears, the top of the screen has to be tapped twice to get access to the quick menu.
  3. Many options appear on the quick settings menu like internet connectivity, sound, Bluetooth, auto-rotate, location, etc. When observed, the required option “screen recorder” is found in the right corner at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Once the required option is clicked, a screen that requires customization will appear. It will prompt the settings required to start the recording process.
  2. Once all the required data is fed on the screen, the start recording icon on the right corner (bottom of the screen) should be pressed.
  3. The phone screen recording will start along with the timer.
  4. A few icons are visible on the top of the screen (right corner). These icons refer to the picture-in-picture option, draw on option, pause option and stop the recording option. To stop the recording process, the stop button (square in shape) located in the right corner should be pressed.
  5. Once the stop button is pressed, even the timer is stopped. The video captured will display the time.

Note: The steps mentioned above apply to all the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones.

Why is screen recording necessary?

  • Sharing data: When a seminar or conference is going on, even though the subject matter is given before the meeting or the main summary of the seminar or conference is saved through email conversations, if a live video is taken, it will be easy to share it with others.
  • Later view: Taking a screenshot is also a part of the screen recording. These screenshots can be viewed later for further clarifications.
  • Unique content: When something that happens in life is being captured and shared immediately, it becomes unique content. Normally unique content has high followership. The android phone used should have a clear and good capturing capability to record the live activities.

Tips for screen recording on Samsung Galaxy S22:

A person who is a techie will be well-versed in the techniques released by the android smartphone. Here are some tips mainly listed for beginners to master the feature of screen recording and enjoy the benefits.

  • Planning: No matter how much training you have received, you start panicking the moment you have to use the knowledge. Avoid panicking and think calmly. Plan your activity well-in-advance design the frameworks or the outlines that have to be used while recording. Planning avoids losing moments in searching the options available on the phone. Until and unless the video is planned to be captured with additional noise disturbances, a video recording without external disturbances will give a clear output.
  • Practice: An expert need not practice screen recording, but as a beginner, it is the main duty to practice once or twice before recording the main event.
  • Closure of all apps: Even though the mobile is designed to function in all situations, a system works better if limited apps are opened at a time. Closing all apps except the screen recorder app is that the screen recorder app will function better, and the chance of system hanging will also be not there. Whenever a system gets hanged when something is being recorded, the output will not be good.
  • Focus: Normally, anything can be recorded at any moment. But when a recording is done with an objective, focusing on what has to be recorded is very important. Normally, the videos are taken to share on social media or YouTube platforms. So the video captured should fit the frame where it is meant to be posted.

Conclusion: Screen recording is a useful feature. The benefits of the Samsung Galaxy S22 can be enjoyed well only if all the features are experienced.


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