How to Set Custom Text Tone on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

People from all walks of life are using smartphones. One should say that it is an important tool in keeping the people connected. The advanced techn9ological innovations have made this possible. The use of smartphones saves energy, cost, and time. This accounts for the popularity of smartphones. The network service providers have also contributed their bit by setting up towers in the nook and corner of our country. This is what has ensured that we put our smartphones to optimal use. The smartphones come loaded with features. But, not all users of smartphones will be aware of all the features and use them too. Even mundane features like setting the custom text tone might seem complex for some users. But, it is only until they are not aware of the feature and how to put it to use.

Samsung Galaxy S22 phones

You might be aware that smartphone manufacturers keep coming up with new models every year. It is to satisfy the interests of the tech-savvy younger generation that are looking for smartphones. They are looking for updated and additional technological features compared to the older models. They look for speed and easy navigation. Some of the factors they will look out for are the speed of performance, battery life, quality of the camera, number of cameras, etc.

In this light, the Korean electronics giant has come up with the latest smartphone model from the galaxy series. It is indeed an advanced version of the S20 and S21. One should say that it is competitively priced as well. This is because though there were several upgrades in model S21 compared to S20, it was priced lesser. Therefore, the S22 comes to you at a reasonable price. Again, it is after the addition of desirable features.

More about Samsung Galaxy S22

You might be aware that the Galaxy series from Samsung is very popular. However, the galaxy S22 model is special because it comes with a built-in S pen. What is more interesting is that the s pen fits in the phone itself. This is despite the slim design that the phone features. The aesthetic appeal is not compromised considering the new innovative additional feature. Also, the S22 has loads of attractive features that will help in multitasking like voice mail, split-screen facility, etc. Also, the phone is packed with technology that packs power and performance owing to the hi-speed 4NM processor. With loads of attractive features, you can be assured that it will serve the purpose you bought it. That is to be able to work from anywhere and anytime.

The main purpose

Having discussed the features of the new phone from Samsung, one must not forget the basic use of the phone. It is to stay connected. The call option will help you talk with your near and dear ones. But, at times, the calls might not connect. You might want to pass on some important information to the person in question. In that case, you will be able to use the SMS option. This way, you will be able to pass the information without delay. However, you will not want to miss out on the reply when you have passed such information. You will be eagerly waiting to hear from them.

 How to setup SMS ringtone on Samsung Galaxy S22

The SMS ringtone is often similar to call ringtones and WhatsApp messages by default in the Samsung S22 smartphone. This might be not very clear. You can change it. You can customize the ring tone you will get if you are receiving an SMS. You can set a ringtone that is quite distinct from the ringtones for regular calls and WhatsApp calls and messages. This way, you will instantly get to know that you have received a text message. You can achieve this in the Galaxy S22 phone by following the simple steps.

Here are the steps to customize the ringtone for the SMS received on your Galaxy S22 device.

Step 1

Swipe the home screen up or down to reveal all the apps. After that, tap on the Message app.

Step 2

Tap on the conversation for which you want to change the tone. Then tap on the 3-dot icon at the top of the screen. Now switch on the Custom Notifications toggle by clicking on it.

Step 3

Tap on the sound button. A list of ringtones appears. Select the ringtone you want and save it.

This is indeed the most simple way to customize the ring tone. It will take just a few minutes to set up the new and unique ringtone. This will help you check out the SMS right away instead of wondering whether you have missed a normal call or a WhatsApp message or call.

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