How to Set Up Mobile Hotspot on Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra

There are times when you want to connect your computer/laptop or any other device other than your smartphone to the internet, but there is no Wi-Fi connection. You can convert your Galaxy S22 smartphone into a Wi-Fi router by switching on its internet hotspot in such a scenario. Other devices can then be connected to the hotspot.

How to Set Up Mobile Hotspot on Galaxy S22

Follow the below-mentioned steps to set up the mobile hotspot on your Galaxy S22.

Access the settings

In order to access the settings menu, simply swipe the screen upwards. After that, you need to tap on the settings menu to access the settings.
Go to Connections

On entering the settings, you will get a lot of options listed. Simply tap on Connections because you want to set up a mobile hotspot.

Select Mobile Hotspot and Tethering

On tapping the Connections option, you will get access to many elements regarding the connection settings of your smartphone. Since you want to set up your mobile hotspot, tap on the option Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.

Access Mobile Hotspot

Multiple options appear on accessing Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. These are Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth Tethering, USB Tethering and Ethernet Tethering. Tap on the Mobile Hotspot option to access it.

Choose Configure

Configuring your mobile hotspot is necessary before turning it on to control the devices which can access your mobile hotspot. The mobile hotspot cannot be free for all, and only the devices you allow should be able to use it. Thus, tap on Configure.

Set the password

On accessing Configure, a field appears for entering a password. This password protects your mobile hotspot against intrusions. Type a unique password of at least 8 characters in the given field and tap on the save button. Any device seeking access to your mobile hotspot would require the password you saved.

Turn on the mobile hotspot.

Finally, you can turn on the mobile hotspot by sliding the button below the mobile hotspot option to your right.

How to access the mobile hotspot in samsung galaxy S22?

Go to the Wi-Fi scanning menu on the device which you want to connect to the mobile hotspot of your Galaxy S22. The mobile hotspot would be instantly visible. Tap on the hotspot option and enter the password you saved. The device would connect with the mobile hotspot of your Galaxy S22.

Another method is using QR codes. Tap on the QR code option present in the menu of Mobile Hotspot in your Galaxy S22. The QR code appears on the screen of your Galaxy S22. Scan this QR code using the camera of the device you want to connect. The device would get connected instantly to the mobile hotspot.


The mobile hotspot of your Galaxy S22 would be highly useful if your home or office Wi-Fi does not work due to a power outage or any other reason. However, it must be remembered that using a mobile hotspot would use up data from your mobile network. Thus, ensure that you have enough data in your pack before turning on the mobile hotspot.

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