How to Transfer Data to Galaxy S22 From Old Android phone

Are you a Samsung phone user? Are you a fan of Samsung Phones? You would surely want to learn about the specs and features of the updated version of the galaxy range of smartphones from Samsung. The latest model of phone from Samsung Galaxy that is released this year is the S22 model. It always comes with upgrades that you will love to have on your phone. The powerful processor would ensure greater performance, while the powerful cameras will help you click high-quality pictures. The AMD-specific hardware will ensure a smooth gaming experience. It is smaller in size and handy to use to top it all. Now, this would be reason enough for you to go ahead and buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 model phone. You Love to check Samsung Galaxy user guide here.

Transferring data

Buying a Samsung S222 is quite simple. But, what follows is that you have got to determine the ways and means to transfer data from the old Samsung phone to the new Samsung Galaxy S22. Let us consider all possible means to transfer data from one phone to another. This must be executed to prevent data loss when the data is being transferred. Additionally, you should have to restore data from the backups.

Method 1- Transfer of data with Samsung One Click

Mobile Trans is the best tool to transfer data from an old Samsung phone to New Galaxy S22. It is software that aids the process. You can download it from the official website. Once it is installed on your Windows or Mac PC you can follow the following steps to transfer data easily from one phone to another.

  • Run the software program and connect your device
  • Launch the program. Now you will come across the main interface. You have to select a mode here. Choose phone Transfer >phone to phone option.
  • Now connect to the source and the target device. Do it using a USB cable.
  • The next step is to choose the data type. After establishing a connection, choose file types that you want to transfer from the source to the target. However, ensure that you have specified the right devices as source and target.
  • You may specify data type or choose the Transfer Everything option. Press the start button.
  • The transfer process will be initiated.

Method 2- Smart Switch App Transfer

Smart Switch is a dedicated application or app from Samsung. It is effective for transferring data between Samsung devices and other Android devices. This app is pre-installed on the Samsung Phones. The steps used to transfer the data using this app are as follows.

  • The app is pre-installed on the latest devices from Samsung. Install the app from the play store in case of old devices. Note that the app has to be installed on both devices. That is one from which you wish to transfer data and one that is receiving the data.

  • Now launch the app on both devices. Select the send option on the source Phone. It will be asking for permission to receive data. Click on the receive option in the target device. You would have received a prompt.
  • You will also get to see the data type to share. Select the data type and initiate the process.
  • However, keeping the devices close will ensure transfer without a hitch.

Method-3 Transfer via Bluetooth

This is a slow process. It is not a preferred mode of transfer because it is slow, and most of the time, the transfer might fail. Nevertheless, you may use it to transfer small files like contacts easily. The steps are as follows.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth feature in your Samsung phone
  • Select the data you want to transfer from the source device. Choose the Bluetooth option. Click on the share icon.
  • The blue tooth will search for devices in the range. Then you will get a p[op up message in the target device to accept the transfer.
  • Confirm and wait till the data is transferred.

 Method 4 – CLONEit for transfer of data

 CLONEit is a popular app that Android phone users use to transfer files. The first step is to download the app from the play store. However, this app will run only on devices that operate on Android 2.2 or later versions. Now, for the steps.

  • Install the app on both devices. Visit the accessibility settings on the phone to turn on the installation feature. You will then be able to transfer applications along with the data.
  • Launch the app on both the phones
  • Set the sender and receiver profile
  • Tap on the sender button on the source device. Now, it will turn into a hotspot.
  • Connect the target device to the source hotspot. Establish connection.
  • Once the connection is established, the source starts looking for a sender.
  • The target device will prompt you to accept the request.
  • Press the start button to effect the transfer.

These are the few latest and updated methods to transfer data from the old Samsung phone to the new Samsung Galaxy S22.

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